Why choose ESW for your commercial or residential projects?

  • ESW is a waterproofing and flat roofing specialist

  • ESW can spray polyurea and apply liquid roofing IN ANY COLOUR

  • ESW use highly durable products – 20-30 year warranties available

  • For building envelopes, one single material – Polyurea can replace multiple finishes

  • ESW give its' customers bespoke and cost-effective solutions

  • ESW is a local specialist

  • Polyurea has an incredible drying time. It can dry between 5-15 seconds to dry and can be dry to touch within 4 seconds.

  • ESW has over 10 years’ experience

Why choose Desmopol for roofs?

ESW use Desmopol on roofs because it is BBA approved, comes with a 25 year warranty and is quick to apply. Desmopol provides a high-performance waterproof membrane. It is applied manually and can be used on most surfaces and is extremely versatile.

What is Polyurea?

Polyurea is a highly engineered tough coating, the fast curing time allows a number of layers to be built up quickly for a robust and watertight membrane. It is impact-resistant, with no degradation upon contact with water and is unaffected by UV or thermal changes. With these characteristics, you can see why pure polyurea is increasingly the flat roof covering of choice worldwide. Polyurea systems are ideal for flat and inverted roofing, anti-slip flooring, tanking and asbestos encapsulation. Polyurea has an impressive quick drying time of between 5-15 seconds and is dry to touch within 4 seconds.  

What is pure polyurea used for?

Anywhere that requires a hardwearing, waterproof coating is a candidate for pure polyurea. Ideal applications include flat roofing, green roofing, guttering, building envelopes, flooring, stairwells, basements, transport platforms, boat hulls, pipe and bund linings, film and theatre sets and props, sculpture, outdoor furniture, asbestos encapsulation, bridge decks, water features and pools, theme parks and many other projects.

Why should you choose polyurea?

There are many reasons to choose polyurea! Polyurea makes an ideal product for creating anti-slip walkways, platforms, stairwells, bridges and balconies. The quick drying time means you could be back in your property almost immediately. Polyurea is highly durable and versatile so is fast becoming a popular choice for both commercial projects and residential homes. ESW can finish polyurea in any colour giving our customers a huge choice in what they want the finish to look like. As explained above Polyurea can be used to replace a multitude of products so can significantly reduce costs. Lastly, polyurea is resistant to the elements so will continue looking great year after year.

Why would you use polyurea on loft dormers?

Polyurea is a method of encapsulating all elements of a dormer with one material forming a monolithic membrane. We can also finish to any colour and issue a single point warranty for the application.

What should I do if I cannot move or disturb asbestos?

Our unique system has been specifically developed for asbestos encapsulation, featuring superior resilience and anti-abrasion properties. The product is used alongside adhesion promoter, which penetrates the affected surface to provide a stable key without disturbing asbestos. The system is composed of 100% solids, meaning zero evaporation and maximum integrity of the finished coating. Additionally, this product performs as a vapour barrier – ideal where damp could compromise a coated area.


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