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Single ply roofing

Working alongside industry partners Kingspan and Protan, we are approved installers of Protan’s single ply roofing systems, creating thermal built-up roofing to suit client needs. In line with our advocacy of innovative products and systems, Protan systems contain some unique solution-focused features for a range of roofing types, including sedum, terraces and solar. Protan is the single ply system of choice throughout Scandinavia, offering high quality and cost-efficient roofing to withstand all weather. Product warranties are available up to 20 years.

Main Protan Roofing Systems

Protan has worked to develop a portfolio of single ply roofing systems designed to cope with most challenges. Here’s a summary of the most commonly used systems.

Protan Standard Overlap System

Strong seams provided by a combined mechanical fixing and hot-air welding method make for a highly resilient roofing solution.

  • Membrane is fixed to substrate within sidelap and overlapped by adjacent sheet

  • Mechanical fixing/hot-air welding along the laps create strong, homogenous seam

  • Sheets available in 1m and 2m widths

  • Can be installed on variety of roof decks

  • Fully recyclable

  • Proven durability in excess of 30 years

Protan Secret-Fix System

Great for vertical applications and installed quickly, this can provide an economical and high quality solution.

  • Backing strips allow non-penetrating mechanical attachment of the membrane

  • High wind uplift resistance

  • Fast installation – can be more cost-effective

  • Ideal for vertical applications

Protan Adhered System

Fast installation, with no mechanical fixings make this system ideal for overlay or thermal build-ups.

  • Fleece-back membrane adheres directly to substrate or insulation

  • Use of adhesives avoids roof deck penetration

  • Ideal for buildings with high humidity levels, such as swimming pools

  • Can be installed on new build or refurbishment projects

  • Quick installation

Protan Vacuum System

A revolutionary system, Protan’s Vacuum System performs exceptionally well in areas of high wind-lift, such as coastal locations.

  • Loose laid, with fixings around perimeter and penetrations only

  • Strategic vents create negative pressure to fix membrane to the substrate

  • Suitable for new and refurbishment projects

  • Rapid installation and reduced labour time


Further information on Protan products and systems

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