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Asbestos Encapsulation

When asbestos or other hazardous materials cannot be removed or disturbed, encapsulation is often a safe and cost-effective answer. Prokol has a range of products available to safely seal an area, whether asbestos is contained within walls, floors or ballast. Contact us with your project requirements – we’re happy to work with you on a solution.

Hand-applied solutions

Our unique ecoProkol hand-applied system has been specifically developed for asbestos encapsulation, featuring superior resilience and anti-abrasion properties. The product is used alongside Prokol’s TX adhesion promoter, which penetrates the affected surface to provide a stable key without disturbing asbestos. This product is composed of 100% solids, meaning zero evaporation and maximum integrity of the finished coating. Additionally, this product performs as a vapour barrier – ideal where damp could compromise a coated area.

Key system features:

  • Specially developed products for asbestos encapsulation
  • 100% solids to form a reliable and high-performing membrane
  • Inbuilt vapour barrier – guards against damp penetration

Spray-applied solutions

With minimal use of solvents, our hand-applied system (see above) can also be spray-applied for a speedy application.  Spray-application is ideal for detailed areas, for example around plant or pipework and can make light work of large areas.

As an alternative, our ‘workhorse’ standard, Prokol pure polyurea 136-T, is ideal for spray-applied coating of ballast or flooring. Preparation is kept to a minimum, avoiding disruption of the hazardous material, and the Prokol pure polyurea 136-T is applied for a durable and seamless membrane. This system can be warrantied for up to 30 years, dependent upon the nature of the application.

Key system features:

  • Seamless, tough membrane
  • Fast-setting – within 10 seconds
  • Anti-slip fleck can be created to any slip resistance requirements
  • Chemical and impact resistance
  • Odour and VOC free
  • DFT build-up to any requirement
  • Product warranties up to 30 years

For further information on our asbestos encapsulation services, please contact us or call 0117 955 9337


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