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Product & Technical Information

Our Unique Quality Management System

Every product from manufacture through to application is monitored for Quality Assurance. A dedicated management team monitors the daily process of the application individually to meet every project and client expectation. These strict processes support the long term manufacturer warranty package and include:

  • Quality Plans
  • Inspection Test Planning
  • Daily QA /QC Sheets
  • Site & Client Visit Reports
  • Client Sign-Off Documentation
  • Annual inspections

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) Testing

Our Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) service provides a non-invasive means of detecting even the smallest of leaks in a flat roof membrane. We can identify any defects within the waterproofing membrane with high level accuracy to target repairs or to diagnose the need for complete roof replacement. Our tests can also provide peace of mind following our installation of a new roof waterproofing system. For further information please contact us.

Prokol Pure Polyurea

Prokol pure polyurea products can service an incredible range of applications from protecting smaller items such as flight cases, to covering entire buildings.  With professional application and correct surface preparation, a spray-applied pure polyurea coating offers an enduring solution that will outlast any similar system. 
Tough and flexible, this highly resilient and extremely hard-wearing product will provide the end-user with zero maintenance. More about Prokol here

What can Prokol Pure Polyurea be used for?

Prokol polyurea has an extensive range of uses including; roofs, walkways, balconies, car park decks, tank coatings, tank linings, flooring, water containment, fuel containment and storage, waste water treatment lining, pipeline coatings and linings, bridge coating, truck bed linings, marine applications, architectural design, swimming pools, playgrounds, sports arenas, flight cases, film sets, speaker manufacture, furniture and more.

Light fleck Polyurea Medium Fleck Polyurea

Heavy fleck polyurea









What are the advantages of Prokol Pure Polyurea systems?

  • Fast cure time: ready for use within 10 seconds
  • Unrivalled durability; tough and impact-resistant
  • High-level protection for high-traffic areas such as roofs, walkways, balconies
  • Waterproof
  • Minimum downtime or loss of production – ideal for areas requiring constant access
  • Weather-tolerant
  • Fire-rated multi-use products
  • Anti-slip and other flooring BS7976
  • Waterproofing and tanking BS6920
  • Zero VOCs
  • Environmentally-friendly manufacture
  • CE certified
  • Colour choice
  • High tensile strength and elongation of 330% plus
  • Extensive primer range offers complete top-to-bottom systems
  • 30-year manufacturer warranty

RAL Colours and Customised Finishes

In addition to the standard range, Prokol pure polyurea is available in a wide selection of RAL colours to suit your requirements – please email us for more information. Click here to view the standard colour range.

To see spray-applied Prokol pure polyurea in action watch the video below

View Prokol pure polyurea projects in our Case Studies - Public Sector | Marine | Civil Sector | Transport | Commercial | Residential

For further manufacturer information on Prokol, visit and

Anti-slip Coatings & Flooring Systems

Our anti-slip flooring systems have been rigorously tested in wet and dry conditions using a calibrated Pendulum Slip Resistance Tester to meet industry standards. 

Decorative flake 1 Decorative Flake 2 Decorative Flake 3
Low risk anti-slip finish Medium-weight anti-slip finish Ultra slip-resistant finish


Protan Single Ply Roofing Systems

Protan single ply systems cater to most roof types from inverted to barrel roofs, with a huge range of innovative products designed to create robust and cost-effective roofing capable of withstanding any climate conditions. Further technical data on Protan systems is available here.

Contact us for further product and technical information, including data sheets or to order product samples.

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